Why Hire a VA

Behind every successful entrepreneur is a Stellar VA! And I believe that is mostly true!

Entrepreneurs can only do anything but not everything. Admit it, every entrepreneur needs an extra hand. That’s where the VA comes in handy. But why choose a VA vs a regular employee?

Cost Effective

Hiring a VA is very cost effective. You can save expenses for office space, office equipment like computers, telephones, photocopiers, shredders etc…You also save maintenance cost and additional taxes, and employee benefits!

You can hire and pay a VA on hourly basis for full time or part time projects, while hiring a regular employee/s you pay them for 8 regular hours and most of the time employees don’t really work eight hours a day.

So in short, hiring a VA helps you reduce operating cost.

Increase productivity

Time is Gold! Hiring a VA allows you to focus on what really matters and delegate all the repetitive and time consuming work, and use your time on bringing more business into business thus equates to more sales!

Gives you back your life!

By delegating all your mundane tasks to your VA, it gives you more time for your family & friends. You can enjoy having your family time, spend holidays without worries, spend time on your hobbies, or be social with your friends. You can even get some work done while spending holidays, cause VA’s can work on weekends or even whole week if you ask them to.