About Mary

Hi, my name is Mary and I am the (self claimed) Stellar Virtual Assistant, though I remember some of my previous employers calling me a Rockstar VA! 🙂 (No Joke, I have proofs!)

I had been planning to put up a VA website for myself for a very long time and it is just now that it got materialized.  And since the competition has been tough getting  projects on outsourcing sites, creating this website brings hope to independently get projects outside the outsourcing world.

And since life in Manila was so stressful and with the cost of living way higher than your earnings,  I resigned from my last job and decided to look for online jobs instead, and viola! I found oDesk which is now called Upwork.

I have been a VA for over a decade and have worked with almost 200 projects (from small business entrepreneurs to big companies) and I am proud to say that I’ve established a good reputation online.

I just love the perks of working online. I can work anytime anywhere, without having to spend a lot of time in the middle of traffic and breathing smoke belchings, and without having to spend so much money on fare and lunches or without having to fight your way to get in the bus with fellow commuters. Above all, the best perk is you can be anywhere! I’ve traveled in Europe and Asia and I can just work at my own chosen time.

And not that I am bragging, but I fairly have a great profile on Upwork, you can check my profile here 🙂


Most of the VA Jobs I’ve done were long term projects. I have a good professional relationships with my online clients, there are some projects that lasts 2 to 3 years and many of them actually became my friends.

You can Hire me for:

  • Lead Generation works
  • Research
  • Article Writing/ Spinning / Re-writing
  • Proofreading
  • Email Management / Social Media Management / Website Management
  • Scheduling / Bookings
  • Audio / Video Transcription
  • Website / App testing
  • Creating legal documents

Hire me so I can prove you how stellar I am 🙂